Wednesday, November 18, 2009

lighting solutions

This is amazing. It's magnetic. It's a light. & It's pretty looking.
The little ball that's hanging from the bottom is how you turn it on, and then it just hangs there magnetically.
Then you just take the ball and place it on the side of the lamp, and that turns it off! So Cool!
To see a little video of how it really works, check out Constance Guissett's website here.

Friday, November 13, 2009

e is for entertainment unit

You would think that with a step father that has a custom furniture company that one would be able to get the perfect entertainment unit, right? Well I guess all it takes is asking said step father to see if he's busy or not...

This is a good one. I like how they tv doesn't really look like a tv, I mean at first glance it just looks like it is some black picture on the wall. I like that.

I'm not sure I'm really a huge fan of this one, I don't like how they have the electronics so on display.

Again, this is a favorite of mine, the way that they've made the tv blend into the whole wall area. It's a winner in my books folks!

This one is perfect, right down to the globes and star, see, stars have been my "thing" since middle school, and I always wanted to have a collection of globes, but alas, I've only ever This room is how I dream of having my cottage decorated one day. And I say cottage, even though I don't have one yet, I just know that i will have one. I even have a wicker chair exactly like that one already.

d is for dusting

Here's a question: When do normal people find the time to dust? I was just looking at a bunch of house tours and when there's a close up of these peoples table tops there is absolutely no dust at all. I mean, sure if you know your house is going to be published on the interweb, then you clean like mad for two days prior, but seriously are these people's homes this clean all the time?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

dream home

I was just looking at apartment therapy and stumbled across my potential new favorite dream house. It is the most amazing house I have seen in a very long time, complete with amazing views and pool in the backyard! Love it! Check out the rest of the house tour here.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


My dad is a pretty incredible photographer and filmmaker. Not that I'm bias or anything, but his and my step mother's latest documentary film, NORM is nominated for a Gemini Award this year!
Here are a couple of his shots from our summer trip to New Brunswick to visit my grandparents.

the back of my head, taking a picture of my grandparents

dad helped me get this tractor shot

hay stack anyone?

This is Dad's dog, Dixie

and mine, Finnigan, the happy guy!

model for a day

guard dog




Dixie enjoying the serene morning lake...until...

Finnigan plows his way through!

But he is just such a happy guy!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

small spaces

Man oh man. I really could not imagine living in a studio apartment or anything like that. I have to give major props to the people who can make a home out of such small spaces. My place is only a one bedroom and I swear I need more space, mind you that could be due in part to the fact that I have a lot of crap in my house.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

cat house

So this kind of follows the last post. I found this in the comments of the last house tour I was talking about (the kitty loft). Now this is one couple that is majorly devoted to their kitter cats! They've got a website, The Cat's House and it has a ton more photos than what I put up here, so I totally recommend taking a look if you're feeling down, or even if you just want to see some super happy cats!
Casey, look out! I want to do this to our house, k? thanks.

They've made a cat walk through their entire house, through walls even.

I'm not sure how many cats they have but I'm pretty sure there's at least 3 more than just the ones in this photo.

Really, when you think about it, if you've got like 6 or 7 cats, then why not give them space above you so they're not always underfoot?
This guy wins best photo ever! I can't stop laughing, every time I look at it, he just looks so amazingly happy! Great, now i'm the crazy person at work that laughs to herself!

busy bee

I've been sick. I got a cold on Tuesday and it pretty much knocked me on me arse. I've just spent the last 4 days in bed cuddled up with a pretty cute 70 pound dog that thinks he's a little puppy. I gotta say, that was the absolute best part of being sick. Finnigan didn't leave my side the entire time, at one point he curled up behind me and layed his sweet little head on my side and went to sleep, AH i love that dog!

SO anyway, last night I was catching up on my emails and ended up on apartment therapy for a good hour and a bit, and came across a house tour that I had seen about a year ago, but had completely forgotten about. It's the most amazing idea I've ever seen, if you live in an apartment and don't have a lot of room for your kitties, this is definitely for you.

It goes all through the house, and into the kitchen. I personally don't think I'd like to have my cats crawling around the ceiling in my kitchen (think-cat hair in food) but meh, maybe their cats don't shed?

That looks like one happy kitter cat!

You can check out the rest of their house tour here.